Tom Hayden’s Exit Strategy for Iraq
By Jacob Laksin
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August 16, 2005

Nearly forty years ago, Tom Hayden and his allies on the anti-war left played an instrumental role in eroding support for the U.S. military efforts in Vietnam. Writing in today’s LA Times, Hayden, seems desperate to disprove the adage that with age comes greater wisdom.

Hayden’s presence on the paper’s op-ed page is owed to his apparent interest in elucidating the Iraq exit strategy of something called the “peace movement.” Read through Hayden’s missive, however, and you are likely to find this a most ironic appellation for a hard-line activist fringe that aspires to see democracy-bound Iraq bow before the forces of reactionary barbarism.

Hayden advances a number of dubious propositions, of which I find the following the most revealing: He calls for President Bush to appoint a “peace envoy” in order to “encourage and cooperate in peace talks with Iraqi groups opposed to the occupation, including insurgents, to explore a political settlement.” (emphasis mine)

Unless I misperceive Hayden’s argument, he is recommending, quite unambiguously, that the Bush administration create a special position to applaud the very terrorists who seek to procure the ruin of a democratic Iraq. Would it be too ungenerous to suggest that, taking into account the role played by Tom Hayden and the rest of the so-called “peace movement,” such a position seems more than a little redundant?