MSNBC’s Tim Russert Says Mother Sheehan’s Glumness Justifies Media’s Negative Coverage of War
By Richard Poe
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August 30, 2005

Ever since Cindy Sheehan arrived in Crawford, Texas on August 6, most Americans have been scratching their heads wondering how this woman manages to get so much face time on major news networks.  Tim Russert supplied a partial answer to that question on the Sunday, August 28 broadcast of MSNBC’s Meet the Press.  Russert implied that Sheehan gives journalists a good excuse to do what they do anyway — denounce US intervention in Iraq.  He listed Mother Sheehan’s despondency as the first in a list of four circumstances, which in his opinion, justify mass media opposition to the war.  Russert said:

"There was widespread discussion about the role of the media in Vietnam, the media lost the war and so forth, but we’re in a situation now where Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son, has encamped herself down in Crawford, Texas, is coming to Washington. There are anti-war demonstrations throughout the country. The reconstruction of the country has not occurred on pace. Money that was supposed to be used for reconstruction is being used to help secure the country. General Meigs, General McCaffrey, everybody, we in the media are covering the reality. Are we not obligated to do that even though it may not, in fact, `encourage,’ quote, unquote, the American people to support the war effort?"

If I understand Mr. Russert rightly, he is saying that Cindy Sheehan represents the "reality" of the war, and therefore demands round-the-clock coverage, seven days a week, from now to eternity, while the vast majority of Gold Star families who support the war, love their country and regard their fallen sons and daughters as heroes do not represent "reality" and therefore don’t deserve the time of day.

This is what they call "sound news judgment" in the major media.