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8124 West Third St. - #202
Los Angeles, CA
Phone :323-281-7322
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URL: Website
Coalition for World Peace (CWP)'s Visual Map

  • Condemns U.S. war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Supports Palestinian terrorists over Israeli self-defense
  • Opposes the authorization of local law-enforcement agents to enforce civil immigration laws

Formed in September 2001, immediately after the 9/11 attacks, the Coalition for World Peace (CWP) has organized and participated in numerous anti-war rallies in Los Angeles, condemning America's “indiscriminate violence against civilians in Afghanistan" and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It accuses America of slaughtering "innocent victims" in its unjustified wars; trampling on the civil rights and liberties of Americans with racist policies implemented on the pretext of fighting terrorists; and funding its military incursions with billions of dollars that would be better spent on "victims' needs and social services." Three ongoing CWP campaigns are "Health Care Not Warfare," "Human Need Not War and Greed," and "Smart Kids Not Smart Bombs." Characterizing the United States as a nation founded on "war, greed, empire, and racism," CWP seeks to show that "there is another way to respond to terrorism and other threats," and that "war is not the solution."

In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, CWP declared that America should respond via legal rather than military channels, and should seek to punish the perpetrators in a court of law. “While the people responsible for September 11th's atrocities must be brought to justice,” stated CWP, “ justice and revenge are not synonymous. Vengeance breeds vengeance, it is un-American to single out and punish any group of people for the murderous acts of a few individuals. Prejudice only escalates the spiral of hatred that leads to these brutal attacks. … This is our call Americans to practice compassion in the face of vengeance.”

A member organization of the United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) anti-war coalition, CWP calls itself "a major player" in the "monumental Coalition of Coalitions" that lead the peace movement in Los Angeles, along with Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Not In Our Name, United For Peace and Justice, and others. During the weekend of Sept. 28, 2003, CWP joined these groups in hosting at least a dozen "anti-war" rallies in several countries. Because these organizations generally oppose Israeli policies just as vehemently as they oppose U.S. policies, they timed their protests to coincide with the third anniversary (September 28) of the beginning of Yasser Arafat's Second Intifada against Israel. CWP condemns the Israeli government's demolition of the homes and operating bases of Palestinian terrorists, actions which CWP calls "premeditated massive destruction… carried out with Caterpillar bulldozers made in America and paid for by American tax dollars."

CWP is an umbrella for 19 other antiwar organizations, one of which is the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a Communist Party spin-off group co-chaired by UFPJ leader Leslie Cagan. Other CWP members include ActionLA and Code Pink for Peace.

Characterizing immigration laws as infringements on civil rights and liberties, CWP opposes legislation that would authorize local police to enforce such laws.

In 2004 the CWP website featured a piece authored by controversial British journalist Robert Fisk, titled "Betrayed by Images of Our Own Racism," which condemned the much-publicized abuse of some Iraqi prisoners by a few American soldiers in the Abu Ghraib detention center. "And who were the innocent in these vile photographs?" asked Fisk. "The American torturers and humiliators? Or the Iraqi victims? … The hooded man [Iraqi prisoner] with the wires attached to his hands has now become an iconic portrait, every bit as memorable as the picture of the second aircraft flying into the World Trade Center."



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