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  • Has held leadership positions with numerous Muslim organizations, most notably as president of the Islamic Society of North America
  • Former trustee of the North American Islamic Trust
  • Former president of the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers of North America

Syed Imtiaz Ahmad was born in India in 1941. After graduating with a BS degree from Panjab University in 1961, he immigrated to Canada where he earned an MS in 1964 and a Ph.D. (in electrical engineering) in 1967 -- both from the University of Ottawa.

In 1970 Ahmad found work as a consultant at the University of Ottawa's Center for Cybernetic Studies. He was then hired as a professor in that school’s Department of Computer Science. In 1973 he took a job as director of the University of Windsor’s School of Computer Science.

In 1981 Ahmad joined Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) Computer Information Systems Department as a fully tenured professor, and he continues to teach there to this day.

From July 1994 to December 1996, Ahmad took professional leave from EMU in order to fulfill an assignment as dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

In addition to his academic work, Ahmad has held leadership positions with numerous high-profile Islamic organizations. Most notably, he was president of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) from 1990 to 1992. In 2002 he served as ISNA's program executive.

Over the years, Ahmad has also been president of such groups as the Computer Science Association of Canada, the Association of Pakistani Scientists and Engineers of North America, the Human Development Institute (in Canada), the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers of North America, and the Windsor Islamic Association. 

Moreover, Ahmad has been chairman of the Islamic School Board of Toronto, a trustee of the North American Islamic Trust, and chair of the Computer Division in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the West Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology.

During the course of his professional career, Ahmad has authored and edited several books on computer hardware, software, and information systems. He also served as editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Science and Technology (published by the U.S.-based Foundation for International Development).

In addition to his current duties at EMU, Ahmad is chair of the executive council at the Jahangirabad Institute of Technology (in India).



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