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Recruiting for Jihad
By Joe Kaufman
June 16, 2003


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  • Head of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
  • Characterizes Israelis as murderers and human-rights abusers

A native of Kent, Ohio, Stephen Sosebee is the founder and president of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF). Sosebee depicts Israel as a nation guilty of committing egregious human-rights violations against the Palestinian people, who, by his reckoning, fervently desire peaceful coexistence with the Jewish state but are forced to engage in “armed struggle” as a last-resort measure of self-defense. Sosebee further contends that America’s government, media, and citizenry are manipulated by a duplicitous “Zionist lobby.” He has promoted these theories as a lecturer at the Zayed International Centre for Coordination and Follow-up. He also speaks extensively at universities and political “solidarity meetings,” where he consistently delivers a virulently anti-Semitic, anti-Israel message.

In 1991 Sosebee described Gaza as a territory that had been decimated by a torrent of Israeli abuses. “This generation's [Palestinian] grandparents lost their homes and land in Palestine,” he said. “Their fathers who openly resisted became humiliated laborers under occupation, most of them at one time or another injured, imprisoned, deported or martyred.” Moreover, he accused Israel of perpetrating “gas” attacks, “night raids,” “beatings,” unwarranted “deportations,” and “massacres” against the Palestinian people. Rationalizing Palestinian suicide bombings and terror attacks, Sosebee stated: “The [Palestinian] youths know there is no justice, so they plan their own revenge.”

In May 2002, when others were criticizing Yasser Arafat for turning down the Israeli and American offer for a settlement of hostilities in Camp David negotiations, Sosebee said:  Sosebee blamed Israel entirely for the ongoing tensions in the Middle East:

“The Palestinians were never offered anything that would provide a viable independent state and a final solution to the core issues of occupation, refugees, resources and Jerusalem. Arafat rejected an offer that any other leader with an ounce of dignity and respect for his people would have turned down…. It was merely a repackaging of military occupation, not an end to it.”



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