Launch Visual Maps

The visual maps indicate direct affiliations between groups, funders, and individuals. Any one of the following criteria is considered sufficient to justify linking one group to another:

  1. both groups are officially recognized members of the same coalition or umbrella organization;
  2. the groups have endorsed, co-sponsored, or actively worked together on a particular project or event;
  3. the groups identify one another as affiliated organizations;
  4. one group is a “front” group for the other;
  5. the groups are signatories to the same major document regarding their positions on a particular issue;
  6. or a prominent official of one group is also a major player in the other group. Each group’s profile will generally make reference to whichever of the aforementioned criteria apply; this will help readers to ascertain the nature of the affiliations between the various groups that are linked together in any given map.

The individuals linked to any given group are those who are (or have been) directly involved in that group’s leadership or its activities. The funders linked to a given group are those foundations which have given financial support to the group, or which have in common with the group a particular individual holding prominent posts in each entity.

The reader will notice many links between groups whose primary activities are in separate realms (e.g., links between anti-war groups and environmentalist groups). This is because groups frequently cross “categories” and lend their support to other leftwing groups and causes. The left is composed of vast networks of groups, funders, and individuals whose names appear again and again in a multitude of venues, aiding one another in a variety of crusades. Because these networks are so large, the maps in this database cannot comprehensively show the full extent of the interconnections. The maps are limited only to the names of the groups, funders, and individuals that are profiled in the database. As the database grows, the maps will expand as well.

The user can view items which seem to be off the page by dragging the whitespace of the maps. Please be patient as the applet can take between 1-3 minutes to load.