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1 21st Century Democrats (21CD)
2 350.org
3 9to5, National Association of Working Women (9 to 5)
4 A.J. Muste Memorial Institute (AJMMI)
6 Abolition 2000
7 Abu Nidal Organization (ANO)
8 Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
9 Academics for Justice (AFJ)
10 ActBlue (AB)
11 Action LA (A LA)
12 Activate Royal Oak (ARO)
13 Activist San Diego (ASD)
14 Adalah (AD)
15 Adbusters Media Foundation (AMF)
16 Advancement Project (AP)
17 Advocacy Project (AP)
18 Air America Radio (AAR)
19 Al Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHIF)
20 Al Jazeera (AJ)
21 al Qaeda (al Qaida) (AQ)
22 Al Shamal Islamic Bank (ASIB)
23 Al-Aqsa Foundation (AAF)
24 Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (AAMB)
25 Al-Aqsa TV
26 Al-Awda (aka Palestine Right to Return Coalition) (AA)
27 Al-Bireh Palestine Society (ABPS)
28 Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights
29 Al-Fatah (Fatah) (AF)
30 Al-Fatah Revolutionary Council (AFRC)
31 Al-Haq (AH)
32 Al-Maghrib Institute (AMI)
33 Al-Manar (Television) (AM)
34 Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights (AMCHR)
35 Al-Muhajiroun (AM)
36 Al-Talib (AT)
37 Alavi Foundation (AF)
38 All of Us or None (AUN)
39 All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP)
40 Alliance for Climate Protection (ACP)
41 Alliance for Global Justice (AGJ)
42 Alliance For Justice (AFJ)
43 Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
44 Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)
45 Alternative Tourism Group (ATG)
46 Alternatives, Action and Communication Network for International Development (aka Alternatives)
47 AlterNet (AN)
48 Amal (AM)
49 America Coming Together (ACT)
50 America Votes (AV)
51 America's Voice (AV)
52 American Association for Justice (AAJ)
53 American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
54 American Bar Association Commission on
Immigration Policy, Practice and Pro Bono (ABA)
55 American Bridge 21st Century (AB21)
56 American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
57 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
58 American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACSLP)
59 American Dream Movement (ADM)
60 American Educational Research Association (AERA)
61 American Empire Project (AEP)
62 American Family Voices (AFV)
63 American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
64 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
65 American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
66 American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
67 American Immigration Council (AIC)
68 American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF)
69 American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
70 American Independent News Network (AINN)
71 American Institute for Social Justice (AISJ)
72 American Library Association (ALA)
73 American Muslim Alliance (AMA)
74 American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA)
75 American Muslim Council (AMC)
76 American Muslim Union (AMU)
77 American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice (AMGPJ)
78 American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ)
79 American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)
80 American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)
81 American Peace Crusade (APC)
82 American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)
83 American Sociological Association (ASA)
84 American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP)
85 American Trust Publications (ATP)
86 American Youth Academy (AYA)
87 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
88 Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI)
89 Americans Against the Tea Party (AATP)
90 Americans for a Conservative Direction (ACD)
91 Americans for a Palestinian State (APS)
92 Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)
93 Americans for Justice in Palestine (AFJP)
94 Americans for Peace Now (APN)
95 Americans United (for Separation of Church and State) (AU)
96 Americans United For Change (AUFC)
97 AmeriCorps
98 Amnesty International (AI)
99 Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
100 Ansar al-Islam (AAI)
101 Antioch University (AU)
102 Apollo Alliance (AA)
103 Appeal For Redress (AFR)
104 Applied Research Center (ARC)
105 Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ)
106 Arab American Action Network (AAAN)
107 Arab American Institute (AAI)
108 Arab Association for Human Rights (aka. Human Rights Association) (AAHR)
109 Arab Bank (AB)
110 Arab Fedayeen Cells (AFC)
111 Arab Revolutionary Brigades (ARB)
112 Arcadia University (AU)
113 Ard el Atfal (AA)
114 Ard el Insan (AI)
115 Aris and Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center Foundation (ACAPCF)
116 Arizona State University (ASU)
117 Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
118 Arms Control Association (ACA)
119 Artists United to Win Without War (AUWWW)
120 As-Sabiqun (AS)
121 Aspen Institute (AI)
122 Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA)
123 Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced (ADRID)
124 Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
125 Association of Muslim Clergy (AMC)
126 Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE)
127 Association of Muslim Social Scientists of North America (AMSS)
128 Astorians for Peace and Justice (APJ)
129 Atlas Project (AP)
130 Audio-Visual Center (AVC)
131 Avaaz.org
132 Backbone Campaign (BC)
133 Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights (aka Badil)
134 Baitul Mal Inc. (BMI)
135 Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (BIPCS)
136 Ball State University (BSU)
137 Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC)
138 Bard College (BC)
139 Barnard College (BC)
140 Battleground Texas (BT)
141 Benevolence International Foundation (BIF)
142 Betselem (B'tselem)
143 Bilal Islamic Center (BIC)
144 Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC)
145 Birthright Unplugged (BU)
146 Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)
147 Black Bloc
148 Black Commentator (BC)
149 Black June
150 Black Panther Party (BPP)
151 Black Radical Congress (BRC)
152 Black September
153 Blue Green Alliance (BGA)
154 Blueprint North Carolina (BNC)
155 Boise State University (BSU)
156 Border Action Network (BAN)
157 Boston Globe (BG)
158 Boston to Palestine (B2P)
159 Bowdoin College
160 Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
161 Brandeis University (BU)
162 Brennan Center for Justice (BCJ)
163 Bring Them Home Now (BTHN)
164 Brit Tzedek v`Shalom (BTS)
165 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
166 Brookings Institution (BI)
167 Brooklyn College (BC)
168 Brown University (BU)
169 Bucknell University (BU)
170 Buffalo Six (Lackawanna Six) (BS)
171 Building One America (BOA)
172 Business Forward (BF)
173 By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)
174 C.W. Post College (CWP)
175 California State University (CSU)
176 California Teachers Association (CTA)
177 Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)
178 Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran (CNAPI)
179 Campaign for America's Future (CAF)
180 Campaign for Better Health Care (CBHC)
181 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
182 Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD)
183 Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ)
184 Campaign to End Obesity (CEO)
185 Campus Progress (CP)
186 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
187 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
188 Caritas Internationalis (CI)
189 Carter Center (CC)
190 Casa de Maryland
191 Catalist
192 Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)
193 Catholic Democrats (CD)
194 Catholic Health Association (CHA)
195 Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)
196 Catholic Worker Movement (CWM)
197 Catholics For Choice (CFC)
198 Catholics For Obama (CFO)
199 Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG)
200 Center for American Progress (CAP)
201 Center for Campus Free Speech (CCFS)
202 Center for Climate Strategies (CCS)
203 Center for Community Change (CCC)
204 Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
205 Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
206 Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)
207 Center for Independent Media (CIM)
208 Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)
209 Center for New Community (CNC)
210 Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine (CPAP)
211 Center for Progressive Leadership (CPL)
212 Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR)
213 Center for Responsible Lending (CRL)
214 Center for Social Inclusion (CSI)
215 Center for Study of Responsive Law (CSRL)
216 Center for the Advancement of Women (CAW)
217 Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID)
218 Center for Women's Policy Studies (CWPS)
219 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP)
220 Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS)
221 Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)
222 Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)
223 Centro Campesino (CC)
224 Centro Campesino Farmworker Center (CCFC)
225 Change America Now (CAN)
226 Change to Win (CTW)
227 Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)
228 Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
229 Chicago Mass Action (CMA)
230 Children's Defense Fund (CDF)
231 Choice USA
232 Choices in Community Giving (CCG)
233 Christian Aid (CA)
234 Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)
235 Christic Institute (CI)
236 Church Women United (CWU)
237 Citizen Action (CA)
238 Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition (C/LEC)
239 Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
240 City University of New York (CUNY)
241 Civis Analytics (CA)
242 Class War Federation (CWF)
243 Classroom Struggle (CS)
244 Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE)
245 Climate Reality Project (CRP)
246 ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF)
247 Cloward-Piven Strategy (CPS)
248 Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
249 Coalition for Peace in the Middle East (CPME)
250 Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHRI)
251 Coalition for World Peace (CWP)
252 Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP)
253 Coalition on Human Needs (CHN)
254 Code Pink: Women for Peace
255 Colgate University (CU)
256 College of DuPage (CDP)
257 Color of Change (COC)
258 Color of Democracy Project (CDP)
259 Colorado State University (CSU)
260 Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
261 Columbia School of Journalism (CSJ)
262 Columbia University (CU)
263 Columbus Progressive Alliance (aka Progressive Peace Coalition) (CPA/PPC)
264 Committee for Justice in Palestine (CJP)
265 Committee for the World Congress Against War (WCAW)
266 Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)
267 Common Cause (CC)
268 Common Purpose Project (CPP)
269 CommonDreams (CD)
270 Commonwealth Information Security Center (CISC)
271 Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
272 Concordia College (CC)
273 Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
274 Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC)
275 Constitution Project (CP)
276 Copenhagen Climate Council (CCC)
277 Cornell Forum for Justice and Peace (CFJP)
278 Cornell University (CU)
279 Cornell University Peace Studies Program (PSP)
280 Council for a Livable World (CLW)
281 Council for American Job Growth (CAJG)
282 Council for the National Interest (CNI)
283 Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
284 Council on Islamic Education (CIE)
285 CounterPunch
286 Crazies
287 Creation Care (CC)
288 Creative Coalition (TCC)
289 Cry Justice! (CJ)
290 Cultures of Resistance (CoR)
291 Current TV (CTV)
292 Daily Kos (DK)
293 Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI)
294 Dartmouth College (DC)
295 David Suzuki Foundation (DSF)
296 Dayton University (DU)
297 Deep Dish Television Network (DDTV)
298 Defend Education (DE)
299 Defenders of Wildlife (DOW)
300 Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Sharia (DRFUS)
301 Defense for Children International/Palestine Section (DCI-P)
302 Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR)
303 Democracia USA (D-USA)
304 Democracy 21 (D21)
305 Democracy Alliance (DA)
306 Democracy For America (DFA)
307 Democracy Initiative (DI)
308 Democracy Matters (DM)
309 Democracy Now! (DN)
310 Democracy Rising (DR)
311 Democratic Grassroots Action Institute & Network (DGAIN)
312 Democratic Justice Fund (DJF)
313 Democratic Party (DP)
314 Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
315 Democratic Underground (DU)
316 Demos
317 Department for International Development (DFID)
318 DePaul University (DU)
319 Direct Action & Research Training Center (DART)
320 Disarm/Global Health Partners (DGHP)
321 Dissent Magazine (DM)
322 Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF)
323 Dream Defenders (DD)
324 Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI)
325 Duke University (DU)
326 DukeDivest
327 duPont Award
328 Earth Action Network (EAN)
329 Earth Day Network (EDN)
330 Earth First! (EF)
331 Earth Island Institute (EII)
332 Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
333 Earth Share (ES)
334 Earthjustice (EJ)
335 EarthSave International (ESI)
336 Eastern Michigan University (EMU)
337 Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU)
338 Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
339 Ecotrust
340 Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)
341 Educators' Network for Social Justice (ENSJ)
342 Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ)
343 Egyptian Revolution (ER)
344 Eighth Day Justice Center (8th Day Center for Justice) (EDJC)
345 Electronic Intifada (EI)
346 Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
347 Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC)
348 Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC)
350 EMILY's List (EL)
351 Emory University (EU)
352 Energy Action Coalition (EAC)
353 Enroll America (EA)
354 Environmental Defense (ED)
355 Environmental Media Services (EMS)
356 Environmental Working Group (EWG)
357 Environmentalists Against War (EAW)
358 Equal Justice USA (EJUSA)
359 Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)
360 European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR)
361 European Union (EU)
362 Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)
363 Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM)
364 Fair Vote (FV)
365 Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
366 Faisal Islamic Bank (FIB)
367 Faith in Public Life (FPL)
368 Faithful America (FA)
369 Faithful Resistance (FR)
370 Families USA (F-USA)
371 Fatah (al-Fatah) (AF)
372 Fatah Revolutionary Council (AFRC)
373 Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF)
374 Fenton Communications (FC)
375 Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA)
376 Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
377 Florida State University (FSU)
378 Focus on American and Arab Interests and Relations (FAAIR)
379 Food First (FF)
380 Food Not Bombs (FNB)
381 Foundation for Conscious Evolution (FCE)
382 Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief (IHH)
383 Foundation for International Development (FID)
384 Foundation for Islamic Education (FIE)
385 Four Freedoms Fund (FFF)
386 Fourth Freedom Forum (FFF)
387 Fox Valley Peace Coalition (FVPC)
388 Free Exchange on Campus (FEC)
389 Free Gaza Movement (FGM)
390 Free Palestine Alliance (FPA)
391 Free Press (FP)
392 Free Speech TV (FSTV)
393 Free The Children (FTC)
394 Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)
395 Freedom Socialist Party (FSP)
396 Friends for a Non-Violent World (FNVW)
397 Friends of Democracy (FOD)
398 Friends of the Earth (FOE)
399 Funders' Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP)
400 Funding Exchange (FEX)
401 FWD.us
402 Gamaliel Foundation (GF)
403 Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
404 Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
405 General Investment Management (GIM)
406 Generation Progress (GP)
407 Generational Alliance (GA)
408 George Washington University (GWU)
409 Georgetown University (GU)
410 Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) (GT)
411 Gisha: Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement (GCLPFM)
412 Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA)
413 Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (GCRP)
414 Global Exchange (GE)
415 Global Green USA (GGUSA)
416 Global Relief Foundation (GRF)
417 Global Studies Departments and Programs (GSDP)
418 Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP)
419 GRACE Communications Foundation (GCF) (Formerly: Global Resource Action Center for the Environment)
420 Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS)
421 GrantMakers Without Borders (GWB)
422 Grassroots Campaigns (GC)
423 Grassroots International (GRI)
424 Green Cross International (GCI)
425 Green For All (GFA)
426 Green Party of the United States (GPUSA)
427 Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts (GRPM)
428 Greenlining Institute (GI)
429 Greenpeace (GP)
430 Group of 88
431 Guantanamo Human Rights Commission (GHRC)
432 Habitat International Coalition (HIC)
433 Hamas
434 HaMoked — Center for the Defense of the Individual (HM)
435 Harper's Magazine (HM)
436 Harvard Islamic Society (HIS)
437 Harvard University (HU)
438 Hate Hurts America Interfaith and Community Coalition (HHA)
439 Health Care for America Now (HCAN)
440 Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIPI)
441 Healthcare-NOW (H-NOW)
442 Hebron Restoration Committee (HRC)
443 Help The Needy (HTN)
444 Hezbollah (Hizbollah)
445 Hispanic Federation (HF)
446 Historians Against the War (HAW)
447 Hizb Waed (HW)
448 Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HUT)
449 Holy Cross College (College of the Holy Cross) (HCC)
450 Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)
451 Holy Land Trust (HLT)
452 Huffington Post (HP)
453 Human Appeal International (HAI)
454 Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
455 Human Rights First (HRF)
456 Human Rights Watch (HRW)
457 Human Service Employees Registration and Voter Education Fund (Human SERVE)
458 Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
459 Humanitarian Law Project (HLP)
460 Husayn Suicide Squads (HSS)
461 I'lam (Il)
462 I-Witness Video (IWV)
463 If Americans Knew (IAK)
464 Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR)
465 Immigrant Defense Project (IDP)
466 Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)
467 Immigrant Rights Project (of the ACLU)
468 Immigrant Solidarity Network (ISN)
469 Immigrant Workers Citizenship Project (IWCP)
470 Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coalition (IWFRC)
471 Immigration Advocates Network (IAN)
472 Immigration Law Clinic (ILC)
473 Immigration Policy Center (IPC)
474 In Defense of Freedom (IDF)
475 Independent Media Center (Indymedia) (IMC)
476 Independent Media Institute (IMI)
477 Independent Progressive Politics Network (IPPN)
478 Indiana University (IU)
479 Indoctrination Lobby (IL)
480 Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)
481 Insani Yardim Vakfi (IYV)
482 Insight Prison Project (IPP)
483 Institute for America`s Future (IAF)
484 Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies (IDDS)
485 Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First)
486 Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
487 Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)
488 Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)
489 Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
490 Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)
491 Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (IIASA)
492 Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA)
493 Institute on Religion and Civic Values (IRCV, formerly the Council on Islamic Education)
494 Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ)
495 International Action Center (IAC)
496 International ANSWER (IA)
497 International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL)
498 International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
499 International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC)
500 International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRP)
501 International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
502 International Criminal Court (ICC)
503 International Crisis Group (ICG)
504 International Development Exchange (IDEX)
505 International Endowment for Democracy (IED)
506 International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH)
507 International Federation Terre des Hommes (IFTDH)
508 International Institute for Peace (IIP)
509 International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
510 International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC)
511 International Islamic Council for Da'wa and Relief (IICDR)
512 International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders (IIFJ)
513 International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)
514 International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES)
515 International Peace Bureau (IPB)
516 International Progress Organization (IPO)
517 International Socialist Organization (ISO)
518 International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
519 Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)
520 Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)
521 Iraq Occupation Watch (IOW)
522 Iraq Peace Fund (IPF)
523 Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
525 Islamic Academy of Florida (IAF)
526 Islamic Amal (IA)
527 Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA)
528 Islamic American University (IAU)
529 Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA)
530 Islamic Association (IA)
531 Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
532 Islamic Book Service (IBS)
533 Islamic Center of America (ICA)
534 Islamic Center of Raleigh (ICR)
535 Islamic Centers Division (ICD)
536 Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)
537 Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP)
538 Islamic Education Department (IED)
539 Islamic Foundation of America (IFA)
540 Islamic Front (IF)
541 Islamic Group (aka Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya) (IG)
542 Islamic Housing Cooperative (IHC)
543 Islamic Information Center of America (IICA)
544 Islamic Jihad (IJ)
545 Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA)
546 Islamic Movement (IM)
547 Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)
548 Islamic Resistance (IR)
549 Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA)
550 Islamic Society of Boston (ISB)
551 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
552 Islamic Struggle Movement (ISM)
553 Islamic Teaching Center (ITC)
554 Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS)
555 Islamic Truth Group (ITG)
556 Islamic Unity Movement (IUM)
557 ISNA Political Awareness Committee (ISNA PAC)
558 Israel Policy Forum (IPF)
559 Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)
560 Ithaca College (IC)
561 Ittijah (IT)
562 Izaak Walton League of America (IWL)
563 J Street
564 Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)
565 Jenin, Jenin
566 Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC)
567 Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace (JAJP)
568 Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ)
569 Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)
570 Jews Against The Occupation (JATO)
571 Jews For a Free Palestine (JFFP)
572 Jews For a Just Peace (JFJP)
573 John Adams Project (JAP)
574 Johns Hopkins University Muslim Association (JHUMA)
575 Journolist
576 Juniata College (JC)
577 Justice At Stake (JAS)
578 KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives (CEJI)
579 Kent State University (KSU)
580 Kids vs. Global Warming (KGW)
581 KindHearts (KH)
582 Korea Truth Commission (KTC)
583 La Raza Unida (LRU)
584 La Tierra Es De Todos (The Earth Is For All) (LT)
585 La Voz de Aztlán (The Voice of Aztlán) (VA)
586 Lackawanna Six (Buffalo Six)
587 Lambda Legal (LL)
588 Lashkar-I-Taiba (LT)
589 Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)
590 LatinoJustice PRLDF (LJ) (Formerly the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund)
591 LAW (The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment) (LAW)
592 Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ)
593 Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (LCCR)
594 Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP)
595 Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR)
596 Leadership Conference on Women Religious (LCWR)
597 League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
598 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
599 League of Women Voters (LWV)
600 League of Young Voters (LYV)
601 Leave My Child Alone (LMCA)
602 Lebanese Islamic Resistance Front (LIRF)
603 Left Forum (LF)
604 Left Turn (LT)
605 Left, Right, and Center Radio (LRC)
606 Leftbooks
607 Let's Be One Hand (LBOH)
608 Let's Fix This Country (LFTC)
609 LewRockwell.com (LR)
610 Living Cities (LC)
611 Los Angeles Peace Center (LAPC)
612 Los Angeles Times (LAT)
613 Machsom Watch (MW)
614 MADRE (MA)
615 Maine Funders for Change (MFC)
616 Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG)
617 Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM)
618 Malia - Collective of Italian American Women (CIAW)
619 Manchester Community College (MCC)
620 Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA)
621 MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan)
622 Medecins du Monde (MDM)
623 Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
624 Media Consortium (MC)
625 Media Fund (MF)
626 Media Matters for America (MMFA)
627 Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)
628 Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
629 Mercy Corps (MC)
630 Mercy International (MI)
631 Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD)
632 Mexica Movement (MM)
633 Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)
634 Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO)
635 Mexican-American Coalition for Immigration Reform (MXACIR or Coalition MX-A)
636 Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN)
637 Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein, PC
638 Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (MFV)
639 Miami University of Ohio (U Miami) (UM)
640 Michigan State University (MSU)
641 Mid South Commission to Build Philanthropy (MSCBP)
642 Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA)
643 Middle East NGOs Gateway Project (MENGOS)
644 Middle East Studies Association (MESA)
645 Midwest Academy (MA)
647 Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
648 Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)
649 Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)
650 Millions More Movement (MMM)
651 Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV)
652 MomsRising (MR)
653 Monthly Review (MR)
655 Mosque Foundation (MF)
656 Mother Jones Magazine (MJM)
657 Mothers and Others for a Livable Planet (MOLP)
658 Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)
659 Movement Strategy Center (MSC)
660 MoveOn (MO)
661 Moving Ideas Network (MIN)
662 Ms. Foundation for Women (MFW)
663 Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK)
664 Music For America (MFA)
665 Muslim Action Forum (MAF)
666 Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA)
667 Muslim American Homeland Security Congress (MAHSC)
668 Muslim American Society (MAS)
669 Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)
670 Muslim Brotherhood (MB)
671 Muslim Businessmen Association (MBA)
672 Muslim Communities Association (MCA)
673 Muslim Communities Association of South Florida (MCASF)
674 Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
675 Muslim Student Union—UC Irvine (MSU UCI)
676 Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA)
677 Muslim Students Association—Brown University (BMSA)
678 Muslim Students Association—Columbia University (MSA CU)
679 Muslim Students Association—Emory University (MSA EU)
680 Muslim Students Association—Florida State University (MSA-FSU)
681 Muslim Students Association—George Washington University (GWMSA)
682 Muslim Students Association—Michigan State University (MSA MSU)
683 Muslim Students Association—Ohio State University (OSU-MSA)
684 Muslim Students Association—Pennsylvania State University (MSA PSU)
685 Muslim Students Association—Princeton University (MSA PU)
686 Muslim Students Association—Queensborough Community College (QCC-MSA)
687 Muslim Students Association—Rutgers University (RU-MSA)
688 Muslim Students Association—Temple University (MSA TU)
689 Muslim Students Association—Towson University (MSA-TU)
690 Muslim Students Association—University of California at Los Angeles (MSA UCLA)
691 Muslim Students Association—University of California at Berkeley (MSA UCB)
692 Muslim Students Association—University of California at Davis (MSA-UCD)
693 Muslim Students Association—University of California at San Diego (UCSD-MSA)
694 Muslim Students Association—University of California at Santa Barbara (MSA UCSB)
695 Muslim Students Association—University of California at Santa Cruz (MSA-UCSC)
696 Muslim Students Association—University of Michigan (MSA UM)
697 Muslim Students Association—University of North Carolina (MSA-UNC)
698 Muslim Students Association—University of Pennsylvania (MSA UP)
699 Muslim Students Association—University of Southern California (MSA USC)
700 Muslim Students Association—University of Wisconsin (MSA UW)
701 Muslim Students Association—University of Wyoming (MSA-UW)
702 Muslim Students Association—Vanderbilt University (VMSA)
703 Muslim Students Association—Virginia Commonwealth University (MSA VCU)
704 Muslim Students Association—Wright State University (MSA WSU)
705 Muslim World League (MWL)
706 Muslim Youth Camps of America (MYCA)
707 Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)
708 Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (MUJCA-NET)
709 Muslims in American Public Square (MAPS)
710 Nakithoun (NK)
711 NARAL Pro-Choice America
712 Nation Books (NB)
713 Nation of Islam (NOI)
714 National Abortion Federation (NAF)
715 National Action Network (NAN)
716 National Alliance for Choice in Giving (NACG)
717 National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC)
718 National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
719 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
720 National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
721 National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund (NALEO EF)
722 National Association of Muslim Chaplains (NAMC)
723 National Book Awards (NBA)
724 National Capital Immigration Coalition (NCIC)
725 National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC)
726 National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP)
727 National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom (NCPPF)
728 National Coalition to Repeal the Patriot Act (NCRPA)
729 National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP)
730 National Committee for Voting Integrity (NCVI)
731 National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE)
732 National Council for Research on Women (NCRW)
733 National Council of Arab Americans (NCA)
734 National Council of Churches (NCC)
735 National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
736 National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO)
737 National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
738 National Education Association (NEA)
739 National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC)
740 National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN)
741 National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA)
742 National Immigration Forum (NIF)
743 National Immigration Law Center (NILC)
744 National Islamic Prison Foundation (NIPF)
745 National Jobs for All Coalition (NJAC)
746 National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
747 National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
748 National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)
749 National Network of Grantmakers (NNG)
750 National Organization for Women (NOW)
751 National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA)
752 National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF)
753 National Peace Foundation (NPF)
754 National People's Action (NPA)
755 National Priorities Project (NPP)
756 National Public Radio (NPR)
757 National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT)
758 National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE)
759 National Security Archive (NSA)
760 National Urban League (NUL)
761 National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO)
762 National Welfare Rights Union (NWRU)
763 National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
764 National Women's Health Network (NWHN)
765 National Women's Law Center (NWLC)
766 National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC)
767 Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
768 Nature Conservancy (TNC)
769 NDN (formerly the New Democrat Network)
770 Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)
771 Netroots
772 Netroots Nation (NN)
773 Neturei Karta (NK)
774 Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP)
775 NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
776 New America Foundation (NAF)
777 New American Movement (NAM)
778 New Black Panther Party (NBPP)
779 New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good (NEP)
780 New Israel Fund (NIF)
781 New Jersey Solidarity — Activists for the Liberation of Palestine (NJS)
782 New Leaders Council (NLC)
783 New Organizing Institute (NOI)
784 New Party (NP)
785 New Policy Institute (NPI)
786 New Politics Institute (NPI)
787 New Profile (NP)
788 New Progressive Coalition (NPC)
789 New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City (NSC)
790 New Sanctuary Movement (NSM)
791 New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)
792 New York Progressive Network (NYPN)
793 New York Times (NYT)
794 New York Times Company (NYTC)
795 NewsCorpWatch (NCW)
796 Nicaragua Network (NN)
797 No Draft, No Way! (NDNW)
798 No Labels (NL)
799 No More Deaths (NMD)
800 Nobel Peace Prize (NPP)
801 Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP)
802 North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO)
803 North American Imams Federation (NAIF)
804 North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)
805 Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)
806 Not In Our Name (NION)
807 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF)
808 Oberlin College (OC)
809 Occidental College (OC)
810 Occupy Wall Street (OWS)
811 October 2011 (O-2011)
812 Office Of the Americas (OOA)
813 Ohio State University (OSU)
814 Older Women's League (OWL)
815 Olive Tree Initiative (OTI)
816 One Nation Working Together (ONWT)
817 OneAmerica
818 Open Left (OL)
819 Oppressed of the Earth Organization (OEO)
820 Oregon Six (OS)
821 Organization of American Historians (OAH)
822 Organization of Jund al Haq (OJAH)
823 Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL)
824 Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
825 Organizers' Forum (OF)
826 Organizing For Action (OFA)
827 Organizing For America (OFA)
828 Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus (OICC)
829 Overthrow.com (OT)
830 Oxfam International (OI)
831 Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic (PELC)
832 Pacific Educational Group (PEG)
833 Pacifica Radio (PR)
834 Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)
835 Palestine Children's Welfare Fund (PCWF)
836 Palestine Media Center (PMC)
837 Palestine Media Watch (PMW)
838 Palestine Revolutionary Council (PRC)
839 Palestine Right to Return Coalition (aka Al-Awda) (AA)
840 Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM)
841 Palestine-Israel Justice Project (PIJP)
842 Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA)
843 Palestinian Authority (PA)
844 Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BDS)
845 Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PCACBI)
846 Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
847 Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON)
848 Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
849 Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)
850 Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)
851 Paper Tiger Television (PTTV)
852 Partners For Peace (PFP)
853 Partnership for Civil Justice Legal Defense and Education Fund (PCJ-LDEF)
854 Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)
855 Party of God Collectivity (PGC)
856 Pax Christi International (PCI)
857 Pax Christi USA (PCUSA)
858 Peabody Awards (PA)
859 Peace Action Network (PAN)
860 Peace and Freedom Party (PFP)
861 Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA)
862 Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)
863 Peace Majority (PM)
864 Peace Majority Report (PMR)
865 Peace No War (PNW)
866 Peace Now (PN)
867 Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association (PPD-APA)
868 Peace Strategies Fund (PSF)
869 Peace Studies Departments and Programs (PSDP)
870 Peaceful Tomorrows (PT)
871 Pearl Jam (PJ)
872 Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
873 People for the American Way (PFAW)
874 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
875 People Improving Communities Through Organizing (PICO)
876 People Judge Bush (PJB)
877 People's College of Law (PCL)
878 Pepperdine University (PU)
879 Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)
880 Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
881 Physicians for Human Rights - Israel (PHR-I)
882 Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)
883 Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)
884 Planners Network (PN)
885 Ploughshares Fund (PF)
886 Plowshares
887 Political Research Associates (PRA)
888 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
889 Population Connection (Zero Population Growth) (PC-ZPG)
890 Portland Seven
891 Portland Six (PS)
892 Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC)
893 Prepare New York (PNY)
894 Presbyterians for Earth Care (PEC)
895 Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP)
896 Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (PACMCU)
897 Princeton University (PU)
898 Priorities USA (P-USA)
899 Priorities, Inc. (PI)
900 Prison Moratorium Project (PMP)
901 Progressive America Rising (PAR)
902 Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
903 Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)
904 Progressive Los Angeles Network (PLAN)
905 Progressive Majority (PM)
906 Progressive Peace Coalition (aka Columbus Progressive Alliance) (PPC/CPA)
907 Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)
908 Progressive States Network (PSN)
909 Progressive Strategies, LLC (PS)
910 Progressive USA (PUSA)
911 Progressives For Obama (PFO)
912 ProgressNow (PN)
913 Project Abolition (PA)
914 Project Vote (PV)
915 ProPublica (PP)
916 Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PSR)
917 Public Allies (PA)
918 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
919 Public Campaign (PC)
920 Public Citizen (PC)
921 Public Justice (PJ)
922 Public Justice Center (PJC)
923 Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF)
924 Pulitzer Prize (PP)
925 PunkVoter.com (PV)
926 R.E.M. (REM)
927 Rabita Trust (RT)
928 Race Traitor: Journal of the New Abolitionism (RT)
929 Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC)
930 Radical Women (RW)
931 RadioNation (RN)
932 Raging Grannies (RG)
933 Rainbow / PUSH Coalition (R/PC)
934 Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
935 Rainforest Alliance (RA)
936 Rational Games, Inc. (RGI)
937 Ready For Hillary (RFH)
938 Rebuild and Renew America Now (aka Unity `09) (RRAN)
939 Rebuild The Dream (RTD)
940 Rebuilding Alliance (RA)
941 Reform Immigration for America (RI4A)
942 Reformers of Hizb-ut-Tahrir (RHUT)
943 Refuse & Resist! (R&R!)
944 Regeneration Project (RP)
945 Religions For Peace (RFP)
946 Religions For Peace USA (RFPUSA)
947 Res Publica (RP)
948 Resource Center of the Americas (RCA)
949 Resources For the Future (RFF)
950 Respect — The Unity Coalition (R-TUC)
951 Rethinking Schools (RS)
952 Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)
953 Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCYB)
954 Revolutionary Council of Fatah (RCF)
955 Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM)
956 Revolutionary Justice Organization (RJO)
957 Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims (ROSM)
958 Rhode Island College — School of Social Work (RIC-SSW)
959 RighteousJews.org
960 Rights and Democracy (R&D)
961 Rock the Vote (RTV)
962 Rockefeller Financial Services (RFS)
963 Roger Williams University (RWU)
964 Ruckus Society (RS)
965 Rutgers University (RU)
966 SAAR Foundation (SAFA Trust Group) (SAAR)
967 Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center (Sabeel) (SELTC)
968 Saint Olaf College (SOC)
969 Salsa Labs (SL)
970 San Francisco State University (SFSU)
971 Save the Children Fund (SCF)
972 Scholars for 9/11 Truth (S9/11T)
973 School of the Americas Watch (SOAW)
974 Scientists and Engineers for Change (SEC)
975 Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)
976 Secretary of State Project (SOSP)
977 Sentencing Project (SP)
978 September 11th Advocates (9/11 A)
979 September 11th Families For Peaceful Tomorrows (9/11 FPT)
980 Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
981 Shadow Party (SP)
982 Sierra Club (SC)
983 Smith College
984 Social Justice Leadership (SJL)
985 Socialist Scholars Conference (SSC)
986 Sojourners
987 Solidarity
988 Solidarity USA (SUSA)
989 SourceWatch (SW)
990 South Bay Mobilization (SBM)
991 South Carolina Progressive Network (SCPN)
992 Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
993 Southern Illinois University (SIU)
994 Southern Methodist University (SMU)
995 Southern Oregon Progressive Network (SOPN)
996 Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
997 Southwest Alliance to Resist Militarization (SWARM)
998 Speakers for Muslim Student Groups
999 St. Louis University (SLU)
1000 Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM)
1001 Stanford University (SU)
1002 State Voices (SV)
1003 Student Liberation Action Collective (SLAC)
1004 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
1005 Student Peace Action Network (SPAN)
1006 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS, founded 1959)
1007 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS, founded 2006)
1008 Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
1009 Supporters of the Islamic League (SIL)
1010 SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now) (SUSTAIN)
1011 Swarthmore College (SC)
1012 Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA)
1013 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
1014 Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)
1015 Ta'ayush (TA)
1016 Take The Square (TTS)
1017 Talibah International Aid Association (TIAA)
1018 Talking Transition (TT)
1019 Tamiment Library (TL)
1020 Tanzim
1021 Teachers for Social Justice (TSJ)
1022 Teaching For Change (TFC)
1023 Teaching Tolerance (TT)
1024 Techrocks (TR)
1025 Temple University (TU)
1026 The American Prospect, Inc. (TAP)
1027 The Nation (TN)
1028 The Nation Institute (TNI)
1029 The Organizing Group (TOG)
1030 The Other 98% (TO98)
1031 The Progressive (TP)
1032 Think Progress (TP)
1033 Thomas Merton Center (TMC)
1034 Thunder Road Group (TRG)
1035 Tikkun
1036 TomDispatch (TD)
1037 Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFPFR)
1038 Traprock Peace Center (TPC)
1039 Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC)
1040 TrueMajority (TM)
1041 Trust for Public Land (TPL)
1042 U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)
1043 U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (USCEIO)
1044 U.S. Civil Rights Commission (USCRC)
1045 U.S. Climate Action Network (USCAN)
1046 U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)
1047 U.S. Peace Council (USPC)
1048 U.S. Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG)
1049 U.S. To Gaza (USTG)
1050 Union of Arab Student Associations (UASA)
1051 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
1052 Union of Good (UG)
1053 Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC)
1055 United Association for Studies and Research (UASR)
1056 United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW)
1057 United for a Fair Economy (UFE)
1058 United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ)
1059 United Nations (UN)
1060 United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
1061 United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR)
1062 United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
1063 United Nations Oil-for-Food Program (UNOFF)
1064 United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)
1065 United Nations World Conference Against Racism (UNWCAR)
1066 United States Student Association (USSA)
1067 United We Dream (UWD)
1068 Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)
1069 Universal Heritage Foundation (UHF)
1070 University of Arizona (UA)
1071 University of California Divestment Campaign (UCDC)
1072 University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
1073 University of California, Irvine (UCI)
1074 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
1075 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
1076 University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)
1077 University of Cincinnati (UC)
1078 University of Colorado (UC)
1079 University of Delaware (UD)
1080 University of Florida (UF)
1081 University of Georgia (UGA)
1082 University of Maine (UM)
1083 University of Massachusetts (U Mass)
1084 University of Michigan (UM)
1085 University of Minnesota (UM)
1086 University of Missouri (UM)
1087 University of Montana (UM)
1088 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
1089 University of New Mexico (UNM)
1090 University of North Carolina (UNC)
1091 University of Notre Dame (UND)
1092 University of Pennsylvania (U Penn)
1093 University of South Florida (USF)
1094 University of Southern California (USC)
1095 University of Texas (UT)
1096 University of Toledo (UT)
1097 University of Virginia (UVa)
1098 University of Wisconsin (UW)
1099 Urban Institute (UI)
1100 Urgent Call (UC)
1101 USAction (USA)
1102 USDayOfRage (USDOR)
1103 Veteran Feminists of America (VFA)
1104 Veterans For Peace (VFP)
1105 Veterans Teaching Peace in Schools (VTPS)
1106 Viacom (VC)
1107 Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW)
1108 Villanova University (VU)
1109 Viva Palestina (VP)
1110 Voices For Progress (VFP)
1111 Voices in the Wilderness (VW)
1112 Vote For Change (VFC)
1113 Voter Participation Center (VPC)
1114 Voters For Peace (VFP)
1115 Voto Latino (VL)
1116 WageClassWar.org (WCW)
1117 War and Peace Foundation (WPF)
1118 War on Want (WOW)
1119 War Resisters League (WRL)
1120 WarIsACrime.org (formerly After Downing Street)
1121 Washington Center for Equitable Growth (WCEG)
1122 Waterkeeper Alliance (WA)
1123 We Are America Alliance (WAAA)
1124 We Believe Together - Health Care for All (WBT)
1125 We the People Project (WPP)
1126 Weather Underground Organization (WU)
1127 Weatherman
1128 Wells College (WC)
1129 West Chester University (WCU)
1130 Wheels of Justice (WOJ)
1131 WikiLeaks (WL)
1132 Wikipedia
1133 Wilderness Society (WS)
1134 Wildlands Conservancy (WC)
1135 Win Without War (WWW)
1136 Winning Connections (WC)
1137 Witness For Peace (WP)
1138 Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
1139 Women Against War (WAW)
1140 Women in Black (WIB)
1141 Women's Action for New Directions (WAND)
1142 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
1143 Women's Policy, Inc. (WPI)
1144 Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)
1145 Workers World Party (WWP)
1146 Working America (WA)
1147 Working Assets (WA)
1148 Working Families Party (WFP)
1149 Working For Us (WFU)
1150 Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA)
1151 Workplace Fairness (WF)
1152 World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC)
1153 World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)
1154 World Can't Wait (WCW)
1155 World Congress Against Imperialist War (WCAIW)
1156 World Council of Churches (WCC)
1157 World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS)
1158 World Islam Study Enterprise (WISE)
1159 World Organization Against Torture (WOAT)
1160 World Peace Council (WPC)
1161 World Resources Institute (WRI)
1162 World Social Forum (WSF)
1163 World Vision International (WVI)
1164 World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
1165 Worldwatch Institute (WI)
1166 Xavier University (XU)
1167 Yale Coalition for Peace (YCP)
1168 Yale University (YU)
1169 Young Communist League (YCL)
1170 Young Invincibles (YI)
1171 Young Muslims (YM)
1172 Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
1173 Z Magazine (Z-Mag)
1174 Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up (ZCCF)

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